Chemistry Tutoring

How We Help

Students studying chemistry in grades 11 and 12 want to see their confidence and results improve immediately.  Our chemistry tutors focus on helping students better understand their current material including help with quiz, test and exam preparation.  International Baccalaureate students welcome.

Why Study Chemistry

Chemistry is often called the central science as it is central to understanding many other disciplines. A background in chemistry can also be central to finding a career in the sciences. Jobs in environmentalism, medicine, biology or engineering likely have a need for basic knowledge of chemistry. Any job that has to do with the physical world probably involves chemistry because chemistry is all about how the physical world works.

What is Chemistry

Chemistry can be described as the study of the properties, composition and behaviors of matter.  Properties are characteristics or ways of describing different things.  As you work through Chemistry you will observe matter, describes many of its properties, and learn a lot about its composition and behavior