English Tutoring

We work with students to strengthen their foundation in English and Language Arts.  Our program focuses on:

  • Grammar
  • Writing Skills
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling/Vocabulary

Once students have written an English assessment we design a program to address their individual needs.

A strong foundation in English is important for success across all subject areas.  For mathematics English skills are required to understand and interpret word problems.  In Social Studies, good reading comprehension, and writing skills will allow students to effectively show their teachers the knowledge they’ve gained through their studies.  In Science strong English skills will support the student to better comprehend the concepts, explain their findings and write their lab reports.  During test taking, strong English skill will support students across all subject areas for essay writing and long answer questions.

While we do not offer ESL programs, many of our English student are ESL.  Our program is designed to reinforce all areas of English as noted above.  It is a great compliment to the school based ESL programs.