Mathematics Tutoring

Some subjects at school are considered “building blocks”.  This means that each grade level is the foundation for the next grade level.  Mathematics is the perfect example of this.  Students will find it difficult to have success in their current and future grades if they have gaps in concepts from previous grades.

Grades 1 to 9


Students begin with an assessment to determine their strengths and uncover any problem areas.  Once they’ve completed the assessment, we design a program that is meant to address any gaps leading to increased confidence and better school results.  While we are working on “gap filling” students are always welcome to bring questions they are struggling with from their schoolwork.


Students who have average understanding in mathematics can find that, as the topics get more challenging in higher grades, they begin to lose confidence and can find their marks and confidence beginning to fall.  This can effect students at all grade levels and can lead to gaps that will cause challenges in future grades.  Beginning with the assessment, students work on a program that is designed to address their unique needs leading to increased understanding and confidence.

Get Ahead

Many students come to our centre because they have a particular talent or interest in math.  We begin with an assessment to determine their grade level and design a custom program.  There is no limit placed on students, they can explore as far ahead as they like.  Some of our students work as much as four grade levels ahead of their current grade.

Grades 10 to 12

Students in the senior years attend tutorials because they are interested in improved understanding and results with their current material.  Our tutors help students understand the concepts they are working on at school including help with quiz, test and exam preparation. Our focus is always on better report card results.