Summer Programs

Summer is the best time to catch-up, keep up or get ahead. Students begin with an assessment to determine their strengths and uncover any problem areas. Then we design a program to prepare them better for the more challenging year ahead.


As math and English are building block programs, meaning that each grade level is the foundation for the next grade level, students who take gaps in understanding to the next grade will find it difficult to maintain confidence and keep up their grades. At our centre we will assess your child to better understand why they are having challenges and then design a program to fill and gaps and increase confidence.


Two months is a long break for some students and they can find that they’ve forgotten some of the important foundation concepts they need for the next grade. Our program will ensure that they start the year with great confidence and a solid foundation.

Look Ahead

School can get more challenging every year. Students who spend some of their free time in the summer working on looking ahead will have a significant advantage in the coming school year. As with our other programs, students are assessed and work on a program meant to address their individual needs.