What our students have to say

"I’m really happy because I’ve gotten a tutor and I’ve been working super hard and my grade came up a lot. I’m going to continue working hard to reach an "A"."

Gr. 8 math student
Sentinel School

"My marks have gone up an average of around 30% and obviously my understanding has increased as well. I have become more confident with the material, confident enough to do the labs and class work. The tutoring couldn’t be better."

Gr. 11 chemistry student
West Vancouver Secondary School

"My marks have skyrocketed from failing math tests, to getting 105% on some. My understanding has definitely improved and now I don’t hate doing math homework. My class participation has also improved."

Grade 9 math student
Rockridge School

"This tutoring has helped me a lot with my confidence towards math. Before I would be quick to put down my math skills but now I feel like I can say that I fully understand what I’m doing in my math class right now. I also feel way more comfortable putting my hand up in class and answering the questions."

Gr. 10 math student
Windsor Secondary School

"I am very grateful to my tutor at the Math & Science Centre. He offers me patience and dedication which I feel has affected my math mark in a positive way. I know that without the help of my tutor I would have a much lower mark"

Grade 12 student
Rockridge School

"My marks have increased a lot since I came here. I started in September and by January I started to get A’s and B’s on tests. Sometimes when I’m doing a worksheet I’ll come across something I usually wouldn’t understand and I think "Yes! I learned that in tutoring".

Grade 6 student
Lions Gate Christian Academy

"Ever since I have been coming to English here, my mark has improved a lot. I used to get around 68% in English, but after coming here all summer, my mark moved up to 91%. I was so proud of myself and so were my parents. I love going to English knowing that I can understand everything better."

Grade 8 English Student
Balmoral School

"My marks have improved a lot since I first started tutoring. I’m starting to participate more in class because I understand more about what I’m doing. I’m getting more confident with telling the class the answers on the board because the answers are starting to be right.

Gr. 6 math student
Westview School

I now understand concepts that hindered me before. Also, doing extra practice on subjects I am currently learning is helping dramatically. I actually received an interim today and I could pinpoint which of the quizzes listed were from after the time I started at the Math & Science Centre just by the marks I’d earned.

Gr. 11 math student
Handsworth Secondary School

"In class may marks have improved. I’ve gotten A’s on my last three tests. My teacher thinks I’m doing great. She says it’s a great start to term 2. My understanding in some of the new units has improved since I started here. My confidence level has increased because of all my work at school and here at the Math & Science Center."

Gr. 7 math student
Caulfield School

On the first report card of the year I got a C- in math and on my second report card I got a C+ in math. Also, on my last math test I got a B, so my grades should go up even more."

Grade 5 math student
Westview School