Welcome to Marine Drive Math & Science Centre, North and West Vancouver’s leading teaching and tutoring establishment.  We offer a vibrant and progressive educational environment guided by our dedicated staff.  Whether your child is an over achiever, average or struggling with their school work, we can help.

With our specialized individual approach, highly qualified tutors and a positive, supportive learning environment our students excel as learners and achieve their academic goals, dramatically raise their confidence level and build life-long effective study skills and work habits. Learn More

Mathematics – From grades 1 through 12, we are the math specialist.

Physics and Chemistry – Our tutors each have over 10 years of experience helping students in these challenging subject areas.

English – Having a good foundation in English is critical for success in all subjects.

Summer Programs – Summer is the best time to catch-up, keep up or get ahead.

“I’m really happy because I’ve gotten a tutor and I’ve been working super hard and my grade came up a lot.  I’m going to continue working hard to reach an “A” Gr. 8 math student| Sentinel School

“My marks have gone up an average of around 30% and obviously my understanding has increased as well.  I have become more confident with the material, confident enough to do the labs and class work.  The tutoring couldn’t be better.” Gr. 11 chemistry student | West Vancouver Secondary School

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